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  • I smile every time I hear you say, “in the abyss… there be spoilers”, because I can hear the joy in your voice. You are doing something you wanted to do and you are loving it!

    You, your stream, your community, your podcast, and the experiences that you share are wonderful and I thank you for them. Thank you for being vulnerable with us. While I have never been ashamed of who I am or what I love, I have found myself being more confident in what I do with my creativity… putting more of “me ” in it.

    I hope that 2019 brings you the same sense of fulfillment that 2018 did. Keep being you and keep pushing!

  • One of the things I am most proud of this year is pursuing my relationship with you! You have always been inspiring to me and it meant so much to me to get to see more of you. I’m looking forward to seeing all the ways you grow and change in the new year.

    Also, a year with out RUFFLES? HOW