When I first came back to America, I was too young to realize a tornado and typhoon were practically one in the same. So when I heard everyone talking about the tornado warning at school, I was scared. I’d never witnessed such a destructive natural phenomena and never had to hide in basements or hallways with my head covered.

Luckily for me I went to a friend’s house after school. She was my best friend at the time, actually, and she put us in the closet with blankets, snacks, pillows, flashlights, and a tape recorder and some tapes.

There were a lot of things going on in my life then. A lot of things I was afraid of. My parents were divorcing, I felt like an outcast at school (as well as an entire country), I was acting out violently, and all in all- I was in a foreign place that I was supposed to call “home” that didn’t really feel like home at all. But in those few hours in that little closet, something was different. We recorded our own “radio show”, conducting interviews on each other. I was a radio host, or a scientist, a famous actress maybe; I made up whatever reality I could imagine. And I felt completely and utterly safe. We played this game several more times, the tornado never came, and eventually we fell asleep on the floor of our closet sanctuary.

Years went by, things changed, I grew up, but never forgot that feeling. It is a memory entry that has never left me. I think of it (and my friend) every time those ominous clouds rolls in.

Moments #14, 15, & 17 taken by Mirggles, Summer 2015

Music by I Break Horses – “You Burn”

The Love Is Real,

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  • Loved reading about this episode from your life, PB.

    And love the photos – thanks Mirggles for photoing PB.

    Love the “You Burn” track.

    Thanks for sharing, PB.

    DrivingMeSpare / Paul xxxx