Intergalactic Playlists From Beyond The Eta Carinae Cluster

Several Commanders have requested spacey playlists to accompany your galactic adventures! And you have been heard, though I may have gone slightly overboard, OOPS. #Sorrynotsorry Here are some of my favorite atmospheric space playlists perfect for space shenanigans. We have everything from Perin’s favorites, to easy listening, and even dramatic and intense battle music. More can be found on the PBTV Spotify. (Including “Space Renegade”, a mix of Classic Rock for your ultra BAMF space rebel.) These playlists were made with love Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Osiris : A New Dawn, or any other space adventure exploration game.

Perin Out

The Perin Initiative

Cmdr Perin’s personal mixtape to accompany you on your space flight. Featuring Trentmoller, Nils Frahm, Moderat, Holy Other, and more.
Cover art by LimonTea.


Sweeping orchestral, epic, intense, dramatic battle music IN SPACE. Featuring Celldweller, Jack Trammell, Epic Score, and more.
Cover art by Stephan Martiniere.

Ad Astra

Bright and synthy tracks for your journeys among the stars. Featuring Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Quest, Redlounge Orchestra, and more.


Dark & deep, almost eerie music to soundtrack your intergalactic space adventures. Featuring Cyber Zen Sound Engine, Erik Wollo, Sync24, and more.
Cover art by Stephan Martiniere.

Planetary Chronicles

Soothing, relaxing, moody music for your everyday interplanetary journey. Featuring Moby, Solar Fields, John Serrie, and more.
Cover art by Gucken.

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