Rainforest Berry

One of my favorite parts of the science centre was the rainforest exhibit. Okay, that’s a lie. My favorite part of the Science Centre was on the way to the rainforest exhibit when a really cool scientist randomly stopping us by saying, “Hey, you guys look fun, want to see what I’m working on?” And then proceeded to show us his really cool interactive experiment dealing with charged ion particles, salt, water, and sound. My second favorite part of the Science Centre was the rainforest section. It was neat because it featured an self sustaining aquatic ecosystem (not an aquarium), which is actually pretty freaking awesome, and then greenery and plant life that would be found in a rain forest. I grew up on a tropical island, so while these plants weren’t exactly similar, it’s kinda the closest I’ve ever come to feeling home since leaving Japan.

Music by Benn Jordan – β€œLouisiana Morning II”

The Love Is Real,

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