My Tropical Balcony Oasis

Last year I designed my solarpunk / neon balcony garden and after it was finished I found myself sort of at a loss for what to do with the bedroom balcony. I didn’t want to do the same neon idea or theme, but I knew I wanted something that had an overload of greenery, a space to try to grow some herbs or vegetables, and maybe a lot of little plants on a wall. However, I’m unable to drill into the wall, so that leaves my options for a wall of greenery somewhat limited. In the end I went for a $20 Ikea wardrobe rack, popped the wheels off, and set to work with a few goals: lots of greenery, and to bring pieces of places I love like Okinawa and Hawaii, to my home here in Toronto.

The shiisa is representative of my time in Okinawa, though traditionally you have two- one on the left with a closed mouth (keeping good spirits in) and the one on the right with an open mouth (warding off the bad spirits). However, I couldn’t find a pair here in Canada, so one it is. At least we’re keeping the good spirits in, right?

My hibiscus plant barely survived the winter, and I’m trying to save her still. Wish me luck, it’s my first time trying to be a plant doctor.

Well, without further ado, here is my tropical pocket dimension hidden in a city skyscraper apartment balcony.


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