#MirBerry Takes On The Mass Effect 2 Finale

This weekend I went to see Mirggles for her Mass Effect 2 finale and her new rig building party bash. She’s a magical unicorn and I’m so glad I have her in my life. She made us some drinks (A Swell Drell & One For The Road) and then we stayed up until 4:30am playing the finale. It was wild fun, we had lots of laughter, discussions on morality and individuality, massive amounts of tears (see what I did there?), backflip rolls, and photos on my phone I don’t remember. The next morning we woke up (too early) to build her new rig, which was also exciting! It was her first computer and she built it herself (with the gracious help of Mr. Berry and Haeleos). Basically, a special thank you goes out to those of you that spent your weekend with us, or stopped by, or even just sent your love via Twitter when you couldn’t be there. It meant a lot to us. I have not forgotten about the erotic Gundam Wing fan-fiction I promised you, and unfortunately I don’t have that to share today (please don’t hold me to that), but I have included some photos I took and the recipe here for my favorite Mirggles potion, One For The Road.

One For The Road
3 shots pre-brewed & chilled coffee
2 & 1/2 shots whiskey
1 tsp brown sugar or maple syrup
coconut milk

Mix the shots of coffee, whiskey, brown sugar in a shaker and pour into a glass over ice. Top with just a little dash of coconut milk.

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