Droidberry 4.2 Functionality Test

Hi Adventurers!

I know you don’t get to see the work that goes on behind the scenes at PBTV sometimes, so I thought I would share this with you. It’s late (almost 2:30 as I write this) but DB has been malfunctioning the last two days so badly that he won’t even boot up. Today during stream I realized just how much I rely on him (donor, hunt, the btt) so a late night giving him some tender love and care to bring him back on line was required. Tonight was full of so much hard work and so much win on so many levels, (I mean we really had a break through tonight, that donor functionality took two hours alone!) and I wanted to share this moment with you.

Thanks for your support and love for DB. Together we’re going to build the coolest bot on Twitch.

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