The Dinner Adventure With Sisterberry (Thanks, Adventurers)

You guys never cease to surprise me. A while ago, you spoiled Sisterberry and I to a super fancy dining adventure, and I promised I would take photos and share them. (Better late than never, right?) Unfortunately, during her stay in Alaska, there was a severe lack of Indian food, so when I asked her what she wanted for dinner she was able to provide and immediate and enthusiastic desire for Indian. I picked my favorite dish (Dal Makhani made with coconut milk) in medium spice, which is actually a super big deal for me and I was really proud of myself. (I’ve been increasing my tolerance for spicy food and now I kinda love it, even if it makes my eyes water and my chest tight sometimes.) Sisterberry even had mango ice cream. (But only because they didn’t have pistachio, and she was very saddened by this.) It was such a wonderful dinner, and actually the first dinner she and I had by ourselves since her arrival. So thank you, adventurers, for giving us a reason to just hang out and chat.

Music by Anoushka Shankar – “Land of Gold”

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