The Love Is Real

PBTV is home to those in seek of adventure. We explore ourselves and the world around us using immersion, critical thinking, solid narratives, and connection. We broadcast five days a week, playing video games, sometimes cooking, painting, or enjoying vinyl together. At times we deep dive; discuss philosophy and the very essence of being, other times we bust a gut because PB is trying to navigate a kitchen disguised as a slice of bread. (No, seriously.) Together we’ve explored the far reaches of space, the depths of the ocean, faced fears and even shed tears. We’ve got a variety broadcast like no other- and a warm, inviting & enriching experience for you. Feeling adventurous? Come on in, we’ll put the kettle on.

Moments From PBTV

You Do What Now?

It can be a little difficult to explain the livestream or interactive broadcast experience to someone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves. A lot of the time I get a funny look, or even, “Why do people want to watch someone else play a game? Why wouldn’t they just play it themselves?” And that’s a good question, with a variety of answers. Sometimes people want to preview a game before they buy it, maybe they don’t have the time or the funds, or are searching for games they didn’t know existed but would like to play (this last one happens to PBTV a lot). But streaming is so much more than “playing games on the internet while people watch”, it’s an interactive experience with a community, a way to connect with other people you might not meet because distance gets in the way. PB&Co is a family, and PBTV is our digital homestead.

We’re live every weekday, come see for yourself!