The Love Is Real

PB&Co is home to those in seek of adventure! Our community loves immersion, and we take it to the next level by dressing up for Noir Days (murder mystery games) Space Days (I wear a NASA flight suit), and I wear my heart (and fear) on my sleeve for Fright Nights (be sure to turn your volume down). We’ve had deep discussions (The Cat Lady), loads of laughs (Mount Your Friends), and full on sobbing (Dreamfall Chapters). We’ve got variety casting like no other- and a warm, inviting & exciting adventure for you. Come on in, we’ll put the kettle on.

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Moments From PBTV

You Do What Now?

It can be a little difficult to explain the livestream or interactive broadcast experience to someone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves. A lot of the time I get a funny look, or even, “Why do people want to watch someone else play a game? Why wouldn’t they just play it themselves?” And that’s a good question, with a variety of answers. Sometimes people want to preview a game before they buy it, maybe they don’t have the time or the funds, or are searching for games they didn’t know existed but would like to play (this last one happens to PBTV a lot). But streaming is so much more than “playing games on the internet while people watch”, it’s an interactive experience with a community, a way to connect with other people you might not meet because distance gets in the way. PBTV is our digital homestead.

We’re live every weekday, come see for yourself!